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IGM 2022 Hosts Leading Brands of the Garment Machinery Industry for the 27th Time

IGM 2022 press release
IGM 2022 Hosts Leading Brands of the Garment Machinery Industry for the 27th Time

IGM 2022 Exhibition, which brings together all the technologies utilized in garment and ready-to-wear production at the same address for 26 years, brings together leading machinery manufacturers with investors after a 4-year break. Opening its doors for the 27th time at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, IGM 2022 will host thousands of visitors and global buyers from all over the world for 4 days.   

IGM 2022- Istanbul 27th International Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub- Industry Exhibition, one of the largest exhibitions in Europe and one of the most important exhibitions in the world, will be held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on September 8-11, 2022. Organized in partnership with Tüyap & Teknik Fairs Inc. and in cooperation with KOMİD – Garment Automation Machinery Manufacturers Association and İNSAD – Istanbul Embroidery Industrialists Association, IGM 2022 is the first and only international garment machinery exhibition in Turkey.

Ready-to-Wear Investors Come Together with Machinery Manufacturers Exporting to the World

IGM 2022 Exhibition, which has been contributing to and hosting the development of the garment machinery industry in Turkey for many years, once again brings together ready-to-wear investors with machinery manufacturers exporting to the world. Global garment manufacturers, who prefer IGM 2022 Exhibition organized at Tüyap to direct their garment machinery investments, are also excited to meet in Istanbul again after the mandatory hiatus caused by the measures taken against the pandemic.

Leading manufacturers exporting to the world in the field of garment machinery are looking forward to introducing their latest technologies for the first time at the IGM 2022 Exhibition. Professional visitors, procurement delegations and investors from all over the world prefer IGM 2022 Exhibition to see the latest technologies closely.

All Technologies Utilized in Apparel and Ready-to-Wear Production at IGM 2022

The IGM 2022 Exhibition, which has set out with the slogan ‘‘Let’s Design the Future’’, includes all technologies used in garment and ready-to-wear production, from sewing to cutting, ironing systems to packaging, embroidery to printing. In addition, logistics services, hanger and storage systems, quality control machines, as well as all accessories used in production, from sewing thread to buttons and zippers, from fabric to labels, are also on display.

At the IGM Exhibition, where innovation will be embroidered thread by thread; designs that color and beautify life meet the latest models of the machines and technologies that shape the world fashion industry.

IGM 2022 Exhibition Will Contribute to the Development of World Trade Volume

Istanbul, the center of the world textile and ready-to-wear trade, is hosting this great meeting. Participating companies will increase their brand awareness with the IGM 2022 Exhibition held in Istanbul, which unites Europe and Asia. They will also have the opportunity to initiate collaborations with trade delegations and visitors from all over the world. While contributing to the development of world trade volume with its professional and international visitors, the IGM 2022 Exhibition will also enable exhibitors to meet their existing customers and reach potential customers.

The Exhibition Will Break Records with the Number of Participating Companies and Visitors

Embracing the entire garment and ready-to-wear sector with its wide and comprehensive exhibitor profile, technology and product diversity; the IGM Exhibition hosts thousands of visitors and trade delegations from many parts of the world from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans.  Procurement delegations and international visitors from dozens of countries including Germany, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Albania, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Israel, Ukraine, Qatar, Sweden, Greece, Iran, Azerbaijan, Norway, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, UAE, France, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Vietnam, Belgium, Romania, Colombia,  Indonesia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Finland, Libya, Austria, Macedonia, Croatia, Tunisia, South Korea, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan will visit the IGM Exhibition.

Countries with Visa Agreements with Turkey Increase the Number of Visitors

The fact that IGM 2022 Garment Machinery Exhibition is organized in Istanbul, which serves as a bridge connecting east and west, is effective in increasing the number of visitors. Because, companies located in both European countries and in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republics, Balkans and Asia, which are developing rapidly in garment and ready-to-wear, can come to Istanbul to visit the exhibition after a short 3-hour flight by plane. In addition, visitors from all over the world, who encounter visa problems when traveling to Europe due to the challenging Schengen visa requirements, prefer IGM 2022 to closely examine the latest technologies and shape their investments since they do not have this problem when coming to Turkey.
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